Nutritional Wealth of Dates

A Medjool Date.

A Medjool Date. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Tunisian dates called Angou العربية: ...

English: Tunisian dates called Angou العربية: أنقو وهو أحد أنواع التمور التونسية (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Date palms are believed to have originated in countries around Iraq and have been a staple food of the Middle-East and Indus valley for millennia. Apart from being a great source of dietary potassium and 80% of its contents being sugar the fruit also consists of protein, fiber, fluorine, magnesium, zinc, etc. Let’s take a closer look at its nutritional wealth.

  • Regular intake of dates prevents the growth of disease-causing bacteria and promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestine and helps cure a variety of intestinal disorders.

  • Being easily digestible and rich in potassium it’s known to efficiently control diarrhea.

  • Being purgative, dates syrup when taken in the mornings in empty stomach can help relieve constipation.

  • Dates are always known to be very heart-friendly. Dates syrup taken in the mornings cast a positive effect on feeble hearts and safeguards them from a number of disorders.

  • 80% of its contents being sugar it can dispense instantaneous energy, especially useful for people who involve in strenuous physical activities.

  • A handful of dates soaked in fresh goat milk throughout the night and later grinded within the same milk together with cardamom powder and honey is known to boost sexual endurance and minimize sterility.

  • In a pregnant mother dates strengthen the uterine muscles and smoothen them during the course of delivery. It also enhances the quality of mother’s milk by proving to be nutritional and therapeutic to the baby. Also apart from alleviating bowel problems and bloatedness in the mother, it also prevents anemia and provides intelligence and memory to the unborn child.

  • Dates are recommended for underweight persons and people trying to build muscles. With all its sugar, fat and protein dates help maintain a balance of weight without becoming emaciated.

  • Dates are highly suggested for maintaining healthy eyes. They are known for preventing night-blindness.

  • The fruit is said to prevent and cure all abdominal cancers, particularly stomach cancer.

  • Dates help avoid tooth decay by shutting out plaque with its fluorine content. It also strengthens the enamel.


Thanks to the various benefits of date-palms!